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In this organization, we give a clean and colorful blogger template; all of the designs are totally compatible, well optimized, and professional, and fully SEO friendly.
What new in Templateiki
Templateiki is a website which is providing modern blogger templates with advanced level features and design our most of the templates are an elegant look and Shadow effect which gives a complete look design Our templates are most advanced level coded with flexible tags which gives a perfect responsive design without any lagging. All the templates are creative and professional look and specially designed for bloggers like magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc
Piki Templates About Us
  • Optimization on Templateiki

    We optimize our blogger templates in that way we use the advance code format for all various section of gadgets this will decrease the size of a template and increase the loading speed less code add more features this is the main criteria which we focus in our blogger organization which handles and developed by Piki developers Team. Daily new initiative ideas have been implementing in our templates with new features that are spinning around the world. Use our more flexible template in your blogger dashboard and make your website professional Our customer support and customization help is brilliant and amazing with the fastest response ever, we are always ready to help to serve you a better service that no customer should regret with our services

  • What exactly do we do for you?

    All the designs are complete and fulfill the customer needs but on demand if any user wants this feature is should be replaced in their section then we may update this feature without any cost in depending on the requirement demand from our audience. Customer is a valuable guest for us and we prefer more towards them in every template there are a new feature and different styles and their coded tags. On the other hand, the Optimisation in SEO and speed is brilliant in our organization. We are the only template provider from Piki developers wear the SEO tags are much compatible and highly recommended by advanced expert engineers from the Google community. You can use our templates on your blogger account to get faster AdSense approval or getting rank in the top position but not only this you have to also optimize your blog posts like on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Other Major features of Ranking Tags within the template are installed and tested

  • Intuitive and powerful templates

    We have used various advanced level jQuery code which helps to handle your blog from a layout without any editing of a single HTML line. You can edit your blog and adjust various features like showing more text, related post, comment system, no thumbnail, etc from layout we made the template more customizable so that our customers can edit each section gadget and control their blog from the admin panel layout there are very small scale coding used for these admin panel layout switch will not affect your blogger template size and speed issues.

  • Services and features for Templateiki?

    We have used the font awesome and CDN system in a blogger template which gives a long cache and faster response time without any server issues from hosted plugins. If you have any more questions and issues regarding our blogger templates you can reach us be happy to serve you a better service help support. Blogger is a platform where you can show your creativity and passion for writing and share it globally over the internet but day by day new platforms like Wix, Joomla, wordpress are coming up with costly plugins highly-priced hosting, everything is paid nothing is free. And here on another hand a blogger from a Google platform where it gives you freedom of access that you can do this platform totally free of cost no charges the hosting is free from Google and plugins like local plugins hosted plugin that we provide in our professional blogger templates which will help you to create a website like a brand. We have made the blogger in next level for comparison with the platforms that we discuss in the above paragraph you can just imagine explore why we are different and what we are doing in next level to make blogger more unique and Powerful

  • Services and features for Templateiki?

    With daily improvement in our blogger template, we added some great amazing features that will help you to easily control the blog add to make it more customizable as per your requirements and needs our portfolios like templates are the best example for that in this blogger platform we make the things so simplest and easiest in blogger platform this will create a good environment-friendly interface as we said that a customer is a value for us and we start accepting requirements from different customers where they want the type of feature in our upcoming template and we will implement that things gadgets widgets in our next templates depending upon in how much users comes to our organization support page and making a request to us. There is no extra charge for that everything is free that you will advise for us. We appreciate every customer effort for this step taken in our organization

  • SEO Role in Our Templates

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is most important for every website and we always focus on this Optimisation as you know that we have already explained only we are in blogger templates who are providing advanced level schema which will help to boost up your website there are various SEO tips available over the internet by which you can optimize your blog like we provide SEO friendly templates but that is not sufficient that it will rank your blog because for ranking the various factors depending like you have to create a unique content descriptive URLs and short meta descriptions adding links making backlinks internal structure always try to publish a unique content which will help you to rank blog easily with our professional blogger templates